Driveshafts and Repairs At ADL Auto Repair

 Your Vehcile's driveshaft transmits torque from the transmission or transfer case to the differential in rear wheel drive, four wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. In most front wheel drive vehicles the driveshafts are referred to as constant velocity shafts (cv shafts) and they transmit torque from the transaxle (transmission and differential assembly) directly to the drive wheels.



ADL is your complete driveshaft repair source for both aluminum and steel driveshafts. We've been the Twin Cities' driveshaft experts since 1967. Every driveshaft we make or repair, whether custom or stock, is machine balanced and road tested for the smoothest and most worry-free operation.


We offer driveshaft repair, shortening, balancing and custom built driveshafts; as well as welding to both steel and aluminum. We can diagnose and correct noise and vibration issues, and correct twisted or bent driveshaft problems.







When performing driveshaft diagnosis and repair we road test and hoist test the driveshaft for issues, remove the driveshaft from the vehicle and test it on a specialized lathe and use a computerized balancer that can test the driveshaft at speeds equivalent to 200 mph, faster than most cars will ever be driven.


We work with front and rear driveshafts, PTO's, steel and aluminum, 2-piece and 3-piece driveshafts and custom driveshafts. All our custom driveshafts are built in house, and come with our hassle-free 12-month/12,000 mile warranty.