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Transmission Service in Centerville, MN

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Transmission Service

Transmission Service

Transmission fluids deteriorate over time and driving conditions can play a role in how often your automatic transmission fluid should be replaced. Stop and go city driving, hauling heavy loads, and towing a trailer can accelerate the deterioration. These driving conditions can raise the operating temperature of the transmission. Heat puts a strain on the transmission, the fluid, helps shift gears, cools the transmission and lubricates the moving parts. ADL Auto Repair and Driveshafts will inspect your vehicle for leaks and external problems. Changing your vehicle's transmission fluid at the vehicle manufacturers recommended intervals can help prevent premature wear, damage to the transmission and costly repairs. See ADL Auto Repair and Driveshafts in Centerville, MN today.

ADL Auto Repair and Driveshafts proudly serves the Transmission Maintenance needs of customers in Centerville, MN

Areas Served : Centerville, MN and surrounding areas

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